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Sunday, June 12, 2016

oneness out of this 6/12/16

There is no such thing as space.
Therefore, there is no ‘where’ either.
We’ve been incessantly lied to
and thought it to be true.
It is an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ given situation.
It’s also the deal with ‘location’ just to give us
a small-minded reference reminder,
reinforcing the location as in space premise.
Of course rendered space has distance
as a continuum that exceeds our sense of being.
This keeps our senses preoccupied
within a petty rendering of self appraisal.
Space has no distance when
we are literally connected from the heart.
Sure, the basis of awareness preaches limited confluence
and a sense for commoning observational styles.
We exist as these presumptions
that feature us as separate entities,
and thereby demarcate and enunciate as our how.
That is our learned 24/7 pronouncement!
If for the sake of connectivity, immersion was featured
then the steadfastness of being separate
would be discovered to be an outright lie.
We make a mountain out of objectification 
then prepare as our life time efforts
to climb that mountain
that we have dignified into existence as relevance.
Our knowing requires separateness to depict and identify.
We claim some entitlement in doing so
for the sake of securing our just version
by account, progress and success.   
The imprisonment is our sensorial version defined.
Therefore our collective consensual grasp confines us all.
And yet the universe streams stardust through each of us.
There is a oneness that pervades consciousness.
We are deeply drawn to be beyond space considerations.
The vibrational truth resides behind our experiential bias.
This oneness, as love,

conveys beyond any space confinement.

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