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Thursday, June 2, 2016

when trust is just cashflow 6/2/16

when trust is just cashflow
how many times a day
and how prominent in thoughts, is that game(?)
does a day fill with these concerns?
it’s like a bed-check of the mind,
post-its of alert, to continually, privately, do the math.
some have it like a constant chewing of flavorless gum,
some, as a rear view mirror of repeated thoughts.
for some, it’s just treading water with no land in sight.
where and what is the buoyancy of being,
chasing next breath?
do I write the next chapter with the money I spend.
does keyboard or pen come out of my actual efforts.
therefore, no electricity, no ink, make for a paperless mind.
life then, is simply reduced to,
when trust is just cashflow.

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