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Saturday, June 25, 2016

35th contemplation of desire 6/25/16

Desire mutates and evolves.
It is a bodhi sattwa species,
bowing to needs,
honoring essence,
linking inter-realm extremes.
Desire is providing providence for passage
through the soft manutia of these inner teachings.
We, in receivership,
are light years ahead and behind ourselves
in that regard.
Desire attempts to focalize towards a balance-point 
against our specific sense of lostness.
In the way that we are remote to ourselves,
desire refabrics attention,
through to the breath of our being,
as emergent desire services us
with contemporary metaphors.
Desire is as mentor-servant-savant
until lessons are inwardly expressed
beyond being blandly contain,
until teacher is self sourced,
and desire is ownership,
finding a way within each of us,
as ourselves, evolving . . .

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