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Friday, June 17, 2016

space is us, being, light headed 6/17/16

space is so deep it has no sense of relevance
space is so vast it has no sense of boundary
space is so much the occupancy of movement
it has no sense of stillness
space has no time, all of time is space in motion
but no means of measurement is needed
all of space is instantaneous and integral
time is a construct of our experience style
the only quantification of space is
a self consciousness as anomaly
time is an addictive state of insular awareness
not independent of the continuum of space
but oblique to the full frontal of being of space
actually space of itself has no it
we are the deconstruct into particulars
rendered as iso-acknowledged
but not integratively confluent
as beyond the stasis of human consciousness
our grasp of space is as a linear concept
as if an endless slide show of acknowledgment
we are the mindset of a drive-by
without the full faculties of beingness employed
space is a koan as long as a koan exists in space . . .

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