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Saturday, June 18, 2016

why I came 6/18/16

soft rage is my kindling
lightning started the conversation within me
I had no words to translate it to you
and so I had to live it alive
I use receptivity as my offense
my defense is a burning fire, deep within
I really only want to see your soul smile
the way lions howl as if sex was the answer
but know the meaning of pride, way before humans do
demonstrated truth is only a projection
I want where a hard line has infinitely soft entry
where spirit is cradled in the arms of conscious wisdom
all of the act-outs are wardrobes of the past revisited
I stand alone until all is disrobed
your inner beauty allows me to breathe fresh and clear
I want only inspiration as for my senses serving me
I want oneness out of you, pledging presence, ever forming
I’m emotional child karma, needing first person nurturance
the rest of me is lifetimes’ wisdom reflected from yours
my palate is composed of all of your souls, sight selected
esthetics of being-ness overwhelms my emotional stance
I surrender upward and inward to spirit as my secret means
isness is my meditation, awareness of you as my mantra
sure I cater to your versions of me as a knock on my door
I will initially answer to your expectation’s surmise
be comforted by your sense of approval for me
but know I came to stir your soul and open your heart
all else to fall away as particulars without true carriage
be swept up on the inner planes of your being
and I will meet you there with expanse to share
know me by the sounds I make outwardly for you to hear
it is not the words that I sing
but where I sing from within
go there and meet me more clearly, once again,
it is where we are one, an ever, unending one

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