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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

infinitely eternal or eternally infinite? 6/22/16

infinitely eternal or eternally infinite,
time wise, which is it?
infinite presents itself nearly all of the time.
but time only features the moment, as its magic.
makes oblique references to other points in time.
time does not mention the necessary tedium
for time to be involved in eternity,
say, beyond the task of time being spellbound
recounting eternity in a timely manner.
time is want of face-time, quote, ‘real time’.
perpetuity suggest an endpoint to time.
maybe, humorously said, ‘ever and a day’(!),
like some notion of time beyond time
but still within the sacred reference of, time.
eternity does not wink or even blink
in a stare down with time.
eternity may be all of time, as now,
but not compressed to fit into time
and also, not beyond the expansion of consciousness
to be in the now, in a timeless manner.
so if time did not have experience as an accomplice
and we were not attached to the addiction of experience,
does infinity have a life within us consciously ongoing?
there is no language organized for the expression of infinity.
see and say would not accomplish the expression there of.
time has it so easy as a persuasion of relevance to us
but infinity coming through, no words, a symbol
any gestures that leap to mind?
if humans are composed of stardust, that sort of helps.
at least I now have a permission to think that way.
sort of time altered but still not infinity in origin.
I am in the shackles of time and somewhat speechless.
But I am genuinely and sincerely and eternally grateful,
ad infinitum, if you know what I mean.
but for now, I don’t know how else to express that!

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