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Thursday, June 9, 2016

root cause 6/9/16

root-cause teases me with deep theory twitches
appears in special moments of singular inquiry
hangs on every word forested, imprinted with traction
focused demands, smack-resolve anticipated.
but hold back for a second,
to question the techniques of root cause investigation?
who of me wants to know that?
and how do I go about knowing this?
what would that really be all about?
is my cognitive process a handicap in this regard?
am I challenging my attention span to know about this?
I just want to slay these so-called unknown dragons.
root-cause is invasive and elusive by this inquiry means.
maybe I’m damaged goods but drawn to go forward.
what is the charade in just knowing?
only nothing exists in isolation
and it’s everywhere around us yet we don’t know it.
root-cause claimed, is bound to lead to a deeper root cause!
they are all linked, eventually.
knowing this has, like a wisdom thing about it.
but to phenomenalize it as topical, why bother?
root-cause for profit is rampant capitalistic hucksterism.
life is this plague of these products-of-need!
I want root cause to be about the meaning of life,
ultimate purpose, the people I am with,
how this vibe of being happens,
or how, we as humans, can heal the planet.
no more root-cause as dumb-ass species entitlement.
root cause, should be as a means of realization,
without the static burdens of understanding or doctrines
or secular agreements between us all.
root-cause, maybe is our journey towards oneness,
a means of waking up to the whole of it and aligning . . .

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