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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

how is now 5/31/16

now is god, now is the living bible
it is unapproachably indiscernable
it is ever so near as the omnipotent provider,
as the cash and carry of futures
and the evidence and consequence of the past
now is incomprehensibly vast, all of void-embracing-mass
but always intimately imminent, sourcelessly juicy
now is, in all ways, an open entry
blighted by the senses’ merger-ness of interpretation.
now is the most powerful and fearless, if of states
as if, in our minds, now were a creature of being.
it would have no consciousness of fear.
it would smell and feel for the fear, as in others
and like a dominate, it would attack and conquer,
envelope and embrace, division relinquished.
diminishment would follow and impugn what is left
yet now takes no prisoners, harbors no hatred.
what is left, is an ever transforming part of the whole.
the now supremacy overrides the notion of significance.
now has no need for the temporality of time,
nor the underwhelm of complexity spewn.
now does not ask for audience or cogitation,
that is all on us as if fearful were our state of minds.
now is all magic and we, unsuspecting props in the ploy.
now is the religion of indifferent unassailable reverence,
with no pledges, nor knocks at the door
no allegiance in gathered numbers, all faces to the now.
what you want is to drink in the now, or so we been told
but really what we want is for the now to drink us in,
to imbibe us to have complete mastery in the nothing
and everything, uneventfully passing through as the now.
sacred, unending, supreme without breaks for delight
the now, no cognition interrupt-us, no self of isolation,
the now as channeled, as the conduit of life.
so, how is now(?), how would now? . . .

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