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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The law of similars 6/21/16

We are all constantly pursuing the law of similars 
though not knowing that to be so. 
We are using the tools of opposites, 
polarizations, and comparative truths 
but meaning to avoid the distractions, dramas, 
detours, digressions, and otherwise, diversions. 
We generally wind up as audience and not on stage. 
And if on stage, we are usually in character 
and not in uninhabited aliveness. 
Funny how that goes, 
the tools we are mostly given 
and are adequately skilled with 
produce the least likely results 
we so desperately are in search for. 
We easily take to the water of think 
but struggle with the paddle of feel. 
We easily pass the DMV eye test for conclusions 
but struggle with commuting on the inner road 
to where we all want to go. 
We constantly share the same molecules of air we breathe, 
and the noise we commonly hear 
but firmly stand alone in ownership 
and the stealth of our depression. 
We generally buy the hustle of what to ingest 
but lost the art of intuitively knowing 
what our bodies really need. 
We are strongly committed to the rituals of cell phone usage 
not realizing that we are already declared isolationists 
in compensative need of cell phone usage demands. 
We are all looking for the harmonics 
that expand and acknowledge us deeply 
to the truth of spirit in the presence of our being. 
This is not happiness. 
This is not any payoff for the past. 
It is not the product of effort nor earned. 
The law of similars applies towards fulfillment, 
a deeper conscious acknowledgment of self 
coming home in a spiritual sense. 
Nothing given up but certainly presence and source claimed 
by being and not just the knowing 
or the proving or the declaration to be made. 
The laws of similars suggest harmonics into expansion, 
that are higher plains of presence in an empty-fullness, 
entry into conscious quantum, 
and a oneness that abides.

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