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Sunday, June 5, 2016

our drawnness 6/5/16

We have experienced dispassion in a passionate way. 
We have embraced paradox in privated surrenders.
We have encountered dimensions
where before, was the throw of dominion.
We have cast our collective hand into the ocean of form 
and followed every ripple
to its ultimate soft absorption-blend-embrace.
We have seen essence as immersion invitations.
We are disrobed from our compliments,
vulnerable by turning to embrace the essence
within every form that eventually gifts us
with grounded passage through the quantum escort
of indomitable allegiance
to the oneness consciousness of cause.
We are served nurturance and replenished every step, 
with every frame of our personal experience ritual.
We fulfill our drawnness by selflessly surrendering 
through each acknowledged contradiction,
during each myth of polarization dissolved,
by each momentary frame as the same oneness,
we have embraced through the enchantment of form . . .

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