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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

it’s happening 5/3/16

it’s swirling in me,
but I don’t think I can land it
it’s not like words being said
as in yacking while getting off of a bus,
or pigeons feeding out of hand,
gets me into coo utterance response,
or initials in concrete triggering whispering
in my mind on reflective demand.
no, I got nothing, nothing that says it outright.
the feeling is there,
gut bound, mute mumbled and loud
but no sound says it,
no face shape of mine expresses it.
hard to see it outright
as a coming out into an embrace.
I know other people have it,
carry it deep inside
but damn, I got some going,
and don’t know now how to give,
to whom and when?
how’d this happen to me(?),
not so much as a clue.
did this ever happened to you?

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