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Monday, May 30, 2016

32nd contemplation of desire 5/30/16

Notice has taken custody of desire,
the way an abductor falls in love with the aliveness
of said captive’s attitude and presence.
Notice accepts responsibility and oversees
for the who in each of us
that secures a sense of the self in charge.
Notice then dresses us with that hot breath
of recent internal conversation,
that keeps us historical by a comparison means
rather than momentous.
Notice further concludes for us,
a sense of self as if in the mirror reflected.
But the desire in us will soon enough outgrow
all of this by input.
Desire will be rendering the sweet rain of impatience
as a daily enrichment practice.
All the self concessionaires and helpmates
to the ongoing main themes as your life,
they also chronicle your ongoing,
moment by moment.
Hey they all got pit passes,
back stage entry and upgrades 
because they all know of your desires,
intimately, on a first name basis,
probably secretly,
even before you thought that you did,
those desires, then notice for yourself . . .

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