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Thursday, May 12, 2016

will someone else answer the door? 5/12/16

it is perplexing to be
and to also be, becoming.
one does not relate to or justify the other.
the people from the inside of me
who all live in this same-self complex
act out so differently in their own time of prominence.
even who answers the door
when someone else knocks
does not know what others of self are really up to.
and there is only one front door for all of them!
‘despite’, as myself of then, rarely answers the door
and formally if asked to,
would not want to. happens....
there’s a knock knock.......
hi, (and they say), I'm not from a religious group
but I would like to further enroll you
in our world of reality,
and I say back to them,
‘is this where we only answer a question
with another question?’
if so, as you say,
would I like to agree with you?

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