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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

to search for the Holy grail 5/11/16

the Holy Grail will never be an understanding.
understanding is but that monotone barker in a crowd,
yet is-ness lives as the holy grail within us all, withheld.
the universe of blessedness ignores us for our insularity.
we are a brilliant mind circumstance, circuitously clueless.
from a genius-perception, we are only expounding versions.
to discover Grail for us,
is the illusion of not from within but somehow out there.
Is Grail to meet with our expectation’s override?
how we do understanding is in conclusions of comfort.
Grail phenomenialized is but an audience gesture,
for the Holy Grail cannot be objectified.
we, as experientially ourselves,
are excess baggage to the search,
by our mind methods and retention styles.
what is sought is claimed as separate from us
so as to look as if it is everywhere else
as everywhere is claimed not to be within.
the Holy Grail’s camouflage is this no-content-evident.
the Holy Grail has no discovery to it.
it does not exist as an entity                                 
but the it of it symbolizes all that is, for us,  missing
from what grandly is, by name, the Holy Grail . . .
(and so the quest to fathom, falsely continues) . . .

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