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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hospice and gone . . . 5/17/16

Commit yourself to a ruthless radiance
from a witness to source.
Become consciously the spark
that has no need to justify as light.
Become the internal zeal behind all form.
Become aware of the sound
that makes up all form, as mass,
and the essence of this furnace
and the spirit you participate in that makes it so.
Be the sound, so pure, that it needs no volume
and the space of its manifestation
that is through the blood and the bones of you.
Experience yourself as the conscious fusion
of the love and this light.
Be the spark that excuses yourself into time
as your consciousness provides the oxygen
for this blaze into existence
and the heat coming off you as a purity of emotional love
given freely, formlessly and cogently to all others.
Take the time to be timelessly one with this all.
All that is sensorially measureable,
that historically is the measure of your pain,
let it now become the timeless presence
and your full and complete awareness of joyless joy.
Be an insistence of your spirit-light born
and you as your awareness to be a feminine escort
to the self-labor that births this light
in its passage from your spirit to any other spirit
that comes from your heart to your mind.
Refine as if you are one with all.
Takes breathes as if your are a waterfall of light
that pours forth.
Be that you are becoming
a mountain that grows by reaching for flight.
Be an illumination that transcends its insistent existence.
Be the drum skin across the sky of love
in expansive reverberations.
Be an orchestra of moods and memories
that play you in.
Go no further than becoming this timeless loop
of love expressed.
Expansion of this is as if everyone’s enlightenment path
passes through your presence.
Become one with all who experience their walk with you.
Whether you take your form into flight
or become the eternal loudness of silence,
be the fulcrum, the force and the fire.
For all of the completeness of your pain
is only the earnestness of your intention
to hear the voice of the divine
more clearly, more immersively,
more in the oneness of your being to share.
Becoming the paradox of perfect absorption
until all you consciously experience
that absorption into spiritual cause
is each breath, as a bead, into rapture.
A timeless conscious knowing that you share
with all others through your seeing-from-beyond view.
From this torchless torch into timeless laser bloom,
you become the mirror
that selflessly reflects and embraces others’ souls,
become the conscious blueness of your flame
that expresses the illogical, irrational
emotional essence, pouring love as you go . . .

read each line and wait until you cellularly understand . . .
then read each line until you molecularly align . . .  
then read each line until you are vibrationally home . . .

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