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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The look is all there is of say 5/21/16

A tall man with protruding dark eyes glistening, wet and white around each piercing pupil, staring, collects our attention into his embracing eyes. They are clearer than the brightest white of teeth or horns or roots or milk, common for all of us to know well. We think separately to ourselves but yet, something more than color do we silently, but collectively see. With cautious curiosity on our part, he draws our attention with his eyes to this well-opening between us and he. He has speechless gestures and an inviting friendly grin. He has gold teeth in his mouth, for I am short enough in stature to see up and across when he smiles. He wares many layers of clothes, though it would be regarded by us as patchwork, worn in comfort. From his pocket thus appears a flat bright silver, round like a coin, and with a kiss to his lips, his eyes then so firmly staring at it, and a quick of his thumb to a flip, the coin to his face then following it up, high as the piece is airborne above, then with flickers, tumbling into the light of... then the shadow of... and finally the dark of... and then the shaft of... that open mouth of a well, placed between he and us, while we are now in the middle of our stand-around, staring at it. And with each falling turn, the piece reflects a bright flash, as light upon our faces and beyond, against the background of a deep-well dark sky. And with each turn descending, a brighter white abounds it seems, up upon our reflecting faces. We become further lost in our collective gaze. Our vision draws us down, deeply following, down further into the well. Our sight, singularly focused on that piece, an all but overwhelming flashing white, turned into an on and off bright light, and blaring brightly, up into our sight and face reflected. Each turn's decent, further compelling, until we are focusless into a trance. Lost in pulsing shades of white upon the black beyond, and so beyond the beyond into bottomlessness. Eventually, we're all there, standing, ascendedly tall, high above the campground itself drawn closer to and now deep within the depth of that well. We somehow see ourselves as in bodies of us standing in a surround of the well below. We recognize ourselves, from outside of this intimate circumstance, and begin to nervously laugh then collectively laugh together, loud enough to awaken to this communal shared sound, still, standing and staring down from above the open skyward mouth of that well. Here, we are, as almost just before, but with a sense that now seems so faint and fleeting. Quick, we are to remember as if remembering, and catch it soon, and name this faintness, and chase the fleeting coin’s reflection even further downward. We feel each other as ourselves, reflected in this happenstance and are mutually confirmed in our shared but somehow vacant warmth. We see through this mask of circumstance and laugh into the life of it more so. And, as if to turn and say... did you notice what just happened? But no. Speech is not from this world and it would take us all away from this now to a different place and purpose of intention. Really, the look we all shared is all there is of it to say and this moment to each of us, as part life of our lives, has clearly taken us all, sacredly connected and very, very far and blessedly away . . .

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