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Thursday, May 5, 2016

right now 5/5/16

so how about now, when? now, right now
no, I mean right . . . , now
this very moment as in right now.
so, in flashback’s preparation,
there is the inaugural cutting of the tape ribbon,
the champagne bottle broken over the bow,
the start gun smoke cloud forming in the air,
the initial symphony of fury over any start up task,
the event impress signifying a specific imposing now,
the sudden impact second of an accident upon you,
either a slip, a slap, a thud, or a crash,
those are nows as happenings and eventful
but this now, the one I am addressing is
ever so, it is a continuous now
the confluent constancy of now
not the eventful now of flourishing recall
but the now that is a continuing fluid current now
where every now can be filled differently
but the same essential now is in the ever shifting frame
the nanosecond of now
the now without depiction potential
the now with illusory conditions to it
the now filled with embodiment unnamed
the now of full existence but yet without claim
the now that refocuses away from any external account
the now that becomes the source for its eternal swim
the now where repetition as reference is finally abandon
the now that is all energy expressing abundantly so
before experience tags it with interpretation into reason
this now, given to language seems repetitive but is not
right now, as a keel riding the time-ocean serenely
the rights of this now, never in a time bind
a now that cannot be passive/aggressive as its means
now, can’t speak it, for it takes too long, no can ponder
now, the kiss before the consciousness catches it
now, the ever of right now in the parade of breath passing
with no past, no future, not even an ever-last
solemn before mood had an upwelling to ping
now, vast before vision floods it
happening before exposure sights it
this now, never the capture of experience to rapture
yes, how about it? the it of it!
now, right now . . .

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