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Friday, May 27, 2016

say in silence 5/27/16

if we meet amongst unspoken words
then I have known you from before.
where to begin, the oddity of pronouncement.
I experience all the creature comforts of familiarity
on the inside of me, already professing.
do we have to have names and say-able account?
we are already decades in the making without story.
everything in the saying would only reflect shared core.
I don’t believe in past lives, but I do.
we are, somehow, beyond all the urges and encounters.
I don’t know how to know of myself in these terms.
you complete a part of me, yet not fully known,
that my searching would have wanted to be so.
this is so much more than touching.
feeling depths that personal experience has never viewed.
to say it is love, is too objectified to be the answer.
I am in the card-house of self, defined, collapsing.
we are not in time and it is as a spreading flood.
I am reborn and truly none the wiser, but yes this is so.
all the images, are flood-soaked as we are that water.
if my heart had a mouth and I would say in silence . . .

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