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Thursday, May 19, 2016

if I get it 5/19/16

the billboard of me gets no relief from exposure
the video is rolling even without intended input
some respond to the verbiage, others, the actions
most everyone is a drive by, in the way we all attend
I am looking to feel for the simmer, the canary, the vein
I listen for the tuning forks to go off inside me
who is that (?) playing your soul behind the much to-do?
but the script can’t answer, your ethers blazing around me
the symphony of silence is loud, looking for the source
that sets me off into a deeper truth than I’m currently living
moments that come wrapped in surprise and quenching
surrendering to a greater sense of being then I ever knew
sure, call it out of me, by any means necessary
I’m a tumble weed tree, fallen leaves in fresh water stream
I am in need of trap door, role reversal experiences
sure I have yearn, but not on the tip of my tongue
I mean well but have no clue about eventual consequences
God forbid, looking back, what the hell mattered(?)
sometimes the ice froze and I reluctantly walked on water
I am buoyant as the sea but damn stuck swimming in it
I can feel the collective treading these waters of confusion
most relationships seem like killing time by waiting
fun appears like an open door policy of worth to come
fun both exhibits and more importantly exudes
take me by my hand, let’s skip to the inner joy of being
my maze of inner self mirrors leads me far but astray
I don’t want moments remembered, I want now coming out
so when do I get permission, self permission to be?
oh it happens ‘to’ me but I want it to happen ‘from’ me
and if I get it, I’m giving it to you,
eventually to the all of you.

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