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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

the void of your own absence 5/4/16

no one can answer for those places in their person
where they claim quite privately to themself
“if only this was so”.
this is a dependency on something or someone to be
as one would expect them or imagine them to be so.
eventually this will feature failures as disappointment. 
disillusionment then becomes a constant theme,
as a world of constant unchangingness,
as a means of safety is eventually doomed.
whatever the mechanism of keepsake in the mind
as a mentor to the heart,
this only falsifies the importance
and stature of this method through time.
if you are not in the love of the ‘ever-change’
and the rigor of living that alive
then setbacks and letdown are unavoidable.
if there is a haven of safety
that is solid in unchanging ways,
for as much as that can be calming in the moment
and claimed as safe harbor,
eventually that place as your anchor is an untruth.
the ruddership of your person in the sea of self love
deals with an ever changing current.
and a sense of self with deep destiny
is not always a given or easily known from there.
life will provide the movement.
you get to advance of yourself with this in mind;
making the world responsible for your advancement
only placates towards the eventual falsification of yourself.
this world affect upon you, as a theme,
will be reintroduced over and over again,
as long as denial by projection or expectation
is your lead.
the world is waiting for your expression of being, to be.
you are the artist of the heart,
and to do so freely and with the broadcast of your self-love.
anything less, are lessons that repeat themselves,
to fill the void of your own absence . . .

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