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Sunday, May 22, 2016

experience 101 5/22/16

experience 101 is overrated.
might as well be mumbling monosyllables
in the wind of the mind.
content is all choir books, page eleven thru ad nauseum,
sung as excessive expressives via labeling and account.
depiction is 3-D, done in verbal placards held high waving.
description is just a DMV eye test chart pronouncement.
portrayal has story as if approving parents are listening.
illustration has out of step dance graphics performing.
it’s all just sparkling spritizer coming out or on as gist.
oh, for the hot hands of retention at work.
the conveyor belt is on sensory overload.
the learning that everything has a name and a function.
why’s and how’s are banditos wearing waist-belts of clarify.  
everything in question is a strip search of the mind.
retention is being well armed, just in case of relevance.
memories are reputational like a self-escort service.
lock, stock and barrel is the summational by-product
and if minds had horns we’d all be antlered candelabras.
experience 101 can’t get us to deep-seated motive.
eye-witness is oxymoron potential in a court of law.
reality-account is consensual reductionism at its best.
it’s too bad we all seem to have to come up for 101 air.
experience and word accounts are all living the ‘lie’.
either ‘pre’ or ‘post’ experience are offerings of worth
but then, how does one go about, say, in consciousness,
without the mental-ness of knowing?

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