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Thursday, December 8, 2016

the theory of questioning 12/8/16

how to question questioning
we assume the formulation of words
as a gathering in the form of meaning
yes, as its own pronouncement
but no!
go way in search, before that.
before that conjure gained momentum.
what is the postured environment
for questioning to occur?
is there a sense of glitch to expose an indecency?
some rhythmic undertow that reveals the falsified?
where does this original impetus gain stature?
what ever-so slight of thread is felt to be
so out of place as to compel an impulse
that gains movement for the space
to surface in the mind as a question,
to come flooding in
from basically nowhere or nothing?
questions can’t really question questions?
they are all of the same ilk.
maybe you have to redress the questioner,
the syntax of questioning of itself,
the environment of origin where
the nature of question thrives as an existence.
question maybe its own species and roaming.
having a life in service in a symbiotic way.
question maybe a skeletal reframe
as a shadow detective traveling through meaning,
always hard at work, paid by fear, and in disguise.
but what is the work of questioning?
what is the wherewithal that substantiates questioning?
where is its origin
before it took on the life of a question?
there has to be a backdrop,
some backstory of sorts
where this initial anomaly gets noticed,
has a life and grows by metamorphosis
into a life of its own
and surfaces mindfully as a question.
can one reverse engineer a question
to find its initial source?
what land of presence is that?
and some part of us must live there
in a comparative way to get motivation
that eventually can reveal
in our world as a question.
why don’t we just live consciously there instead?
and then not mess around with this reality
as a substitute, in need of questions.
isn’t that more of a whole brain world
and we somehow collectively agreed
to play bumper-cars here instead?
I am sorry but whole journey to question questioning
only leads me back to long for that world
where no questions are needed.
and why don’t we just live in consciousness there?

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