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Friday, December 16, 2016

species as birthright 12/16/16

with the positional stance of objectification,
we translate and codify everything,
(as if there is an everything…!).
we, as the human species, then proceeded,
in terms of mentally seeding an impositional reality
as a substitute for what is,
and how it, on its own, integratively functions.
our reality is symbolic-tourism
and our impeachment of the integration
of how the, ‘all of it’, actually works.
we make a sensory stand,
(an operational version to suit our sense of it),
and then we claim, account, worth, and function.
none of which actually fundamentally applies in essence
but only in our assumed version of species entitlement.
as in ‘the world is our oyster,
and we are its pearl’,
not understanding what pearl really means to the oyster
in the life of the oyster living it!
we only get, ‘being the life of an irritant,
is a thing of justifiable beauty’. (yikes!)
as if this is the promised land!
who promised it to us?
and under what terms did we falsely agree
to venture, pillage and claim?
and from a sensory limited standpoint,
we then proceeded to proclaim!
do species have birthrights
or did we just make that up?

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