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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

beyond the subtlety of self-experience 12/6/16

experience happening from the inside out
not a surveillance in summary
not observational as if audience to
not investigatory as if discovery is the goal
no sense of self-reconnaissance in use
just that from which where it comes
not to you but from within and through you
exuding from an enormity thus inside
as if you, as a conduit, in its passing through
and then into the surround out from you
heartfelt as a genuine emanation
an undefinable permeating radiance
wondrously pouring out of you from where-within
experience without the need of particulars
as if in the saturating language of movement
from a river of emersion, yet passing through
this isness but not objectified
a levity but without ground-figure as means
an environment of soft voluptuous comprise
as if forest existing as the mist of a walk within you,
a waterfall as a head-to-toe intimacy attending,
all of shade abounding as an outcrop of love,
and spirit as if everywhere corporeal sensory aglow
beyond experience happening from the inside out
as white-light timelessly fluid expressing
pouring without effort, essence without claim
experience without occurrence
featuring a permeating isness as the soul of you
where as, you of emittance, the beam of being,
without, any further disguise . . .

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