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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

the Trump of worth 12/21/16

Donald Trump is only the swizzle stick on a very large and deep cultural drink. He is a highly reptilian brain intelligent, but a profoundly compressed introvert, using the extremes of extroversion to express, impress and protect himself in his insular sense of self worth, perception of his place in the world, and his view of his role in, ‘as the king doth have no clothes’ which translates into a version of low self esteem that can only be compensated for by creating the attention of a perceived adoring public. He is the work of a critical mind gone astray. He has intimate distain for the socially constructed world by vainly displaying in it, of it and with it. He is a dynamo of drivenness, without clarity of outcome deeply in mind. He actually could mean well but gets lost in the muddle Dom of his own mayhem within. He is a walking, talking confessional of this deeply introspective person who uses his outrageous extroversion techniques for protection and gain. He actually presents a case study in what happens to individuals, generally men, who live a very compartmentalized mind-life for a sense of personal success against the pathos of the world in which the medium of his efforts displays and makes evident a deeper view of how life works when manipulated as such and supported by a fearing alignment of others who are too weak in position, too shallow of character, or caught in the headlights of power wielded in their faces. His projection is revealing and self-honest even though it is upstanding as immoral, denigrative, and steeped in applied self indulgence. He is a case study of many beings who are compressed and withheld within their own personage by their versions of morality imposed, frustrations unresolved, personal lessons unlearned, a personalized sense of what freedom means to them, and unable to share an authenticity of themselves that does not make waves or break rules or offend others. He is a swizzle stick in American culture that openly reveals the shadow-side in all of us that remains unspoken but thought, unshared but positional, unattended but subtly pronounced. He shows how the sheepishness of humans runs as cultivated in this country. He displays the pent-up-ness of emotional turmoil that runs deep and hidden in this country’s self-perception yet unheard. He has personalized institutionalism into a character of self, as if a person-brand, that acts out from a deeper stream of self, greed, need, blind-views, and power for its thirst. He, of himself, is not the essential problem, but he immaculately represents inroads into the deeper denials that we all participate in, almost unknowingly so. He indirectly points out some of the fundamental and deeper issues that we, as a society and a people in dire need, have to come to address more directly then government could care or corporations and national media would want. Trump is a walking, talking white board of those issues which are more than just topic driven for discussion as the participatory hustle that defuses us from what is needed in action and efforts that produce results. Trump is the perfect anti-match igniting issues that are soon abandoned.! He is the polarizing disparaging savior, he of little faith and trust but massive power in response. He exemplifies most of all, the traits of a lower case life that has been insulated by entitlement, and assertive by private needs. He is a cultural lab rat worth studying deeply and profoundly. How his traits have come to exist, dignifies the need for a deeper soul search of how we do who we are and where it all went south into self isolation as worth and for gain. If one follows the money, it becomes the medium that paints all the pictures, tells no lies, of what is needed to be understood and then corrected for, as attempts for our species to rise again in service to this planet, other species, and life in a more integrative way for living it. Trump is a diamond in the rough. The study is of, where this diamond came from, what this diamond presents of itself, in all of us, and how to implement reconnection to higher purpose and higher cause as a means of humanness to share as a way of conscious living. Remember, it’s not him, as we sit in the bleachers of concern and chatter amongst ourselves, pro and con. It is each of us from within, questioning where we are with ourselves and then with others near by. How did we get so behaviorally kept as if away of saving ourselves from the lessons of human life by privatizing our intentions so much so that we do not even serve ourselves decently in the bigger picture except by delusional entertainment and drive-by views of others. This is essentially not a problem to be solved but more so, a way of living to be righted, shared and consciously lived . . . There is a Trump that lives in each of us and the initial address is to discover, clarify and come clean about who we are and what we can do for being that rich on the inside and then discovering joyous methods of share it. Remembering Trump is not the real problem but he is a animated billboard displaying more in depth and by deduction, where to look within and what a find might really look like. He is a town crier representing the failures and indecency of governments, politicians, ceo’s of major world ruling corporations, bankers, bent of their ways, and all organized power for its own sake. You cannot fault him, for he is, a living breathing dark shadow in all of us, justified by the attention industry, and bound to make his claim, wearing the product of his efforts at life that we all can relate to in a polarizing manner. He is a display of traits and an enormous person in need but possibly self-unreachable no matter who cares or what efforts towards that for him could be made. His need for self-intimacy is impulsive and resoundingly self-insular in the grandest of public setting. Mass consciousness approval is wanted by adoration as if just attention is to be paid. This is the Donald Trump syndrome and now everybody gets to play as participants in both his grand personal catharsis and also our own personal growth as individual people and as a nation of humans rededicating ourselves to higher purpose and clearer goals then just abusing the planet, other species and entitlement fighting amongst ourselves.

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