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Saturday, December 31, 2016

woke up beaming 12/31/16

I have thousands of nerves
as conscious hands of mine as me.
they are applauding me
through my every physical movement.
it is this sunny day happening
by my deeds of accomplishment.
I am walking tall,
straight up with projects as my wingman.
I am meeting every moment as someone
I have waited my life to meet.
I have wealth of my presence to distribute
and people in my universe in need to serve.
my calling is easily living me responsively forward.
all of time is this as a soothing adventure.
awareness of this is my own inward reward.
I feel so humanly connected
through all of these spaces I pass through
that uplift and upturn are natural responses of mine.
we, as a people all around me, are the project at hand.
everything to be said, is of assistance or accompany.
the major magical is that we have all come to care.
how did this not happen so thoroughly as in the past?
this now has hatched into my birthright,
as I have always been this feeling inwardly.
each breath in now is dessert I have wanted.
each breath out is way worth the spending.
an active life is my secret angelic reward.
there is joy through this mystery of my experience.

what a day, is my claim to forward living . . .

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