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Saturday, December 10, 2016

contemplatelunch: buffet style 12/10/16

Harmony is an integrative spectrum of being.
Stress is a form of dysfunctional Qigong.
Loving is a form of creative beneficial stress.
Reality is a cognitive virus.
Gratitude is the radiant timeout within love.
Cells read and write their own lives
under our tutelage.
Problematic is a narrow band
of focus skills, huddling.
Guidance takes us to outside of time sensations.
Mathematics is a language wardrobe worn by minds.
Stability is synchronization in motion.
The work of the retentive mind is just relational.
Water is the molecular mother of DNA.
The school of the collective mind is always in session.
We make sin into a framing style.
The now struggles with human neurology.
Awe is transcendent integration.
Understanding alone is not living the solution.
The sound of soul plays the unique acoustics
of each being.
No one is aging in the now.
And experience is a method
that seduces us into aging.

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