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Thursday, December 29, 2016

quips: ironic 12/29/16

suffering is a constant chorus of conclusions,
sung off key.
pleasure is the immediate thereafter,
garnered in impressions,
succinctly stored as impactful memory.
prominence is the curvature of the earth,
taken personally.
free-for-all is myopically viewed as;
first come, first served.
reality is all surface debris
that is closely at hand, sightable.
good is god-like discernments,
perceived in bite-size ways.
a gift is punctuation needed,
in the never-ending life story.
money is a trust ritual,
based on fear, readily exchanged.
a bargain is a mindset breakout,
away from expectation.
enough is gladly too much,
unaccounted for but still horded.
bland is where eminence goes
to be successfully concealed.
dignity is rudder-ship on automatic,
facing the high sees.
travel is the over-exposure
to the future of story-ability.
banking is investing in complimentarianism
to a fault.
experience is overrated
as thoughtform impressionistic.
education is retentive mind running wild
but never free.
comparative truth is
really an assessment misconception.
cause is noteworthy,
soliciting vast internal agreement.
worth is the secret demand
from motivational blackmail.
truth is only the most eminent logical honesty
to be said.
happy is a homeless clown
living richly on wonder.
value is substantiated after-thought,
buying attention’s time.
god is realizing that your arms are wings
and your life is a free-fall,
by not knowing
any of it to be true.

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