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Monday, December 5, 2016

To eye all souls 12/5/16

From deep in the cosmos,
all consciousness is carried on,
non-dimensional by our standards
but nonetheless dynamic of its own accord.
At the nanosecond of human conception,
an impress is transduced,
entering dimensional occupancy.
That impress of then,
now has an energetic presence,
accepting the influx of lower vibrational rules
under the pallet of human form expression,
and the influence of a helix of genetics
that dictates the manifest into substance,
to bring on the sentience of that spirit-core
that will further import
from its generative environment.
As the womb of the mother reigns home-base supreme,
it provides for the feeling state impressions
and eventual sensory and emotional guidelines
for the prime alphabet
to be the currency of consciousness
as meaning is to occur.
Indirectly other influences will also come into play,
both at the physical as well as the etheric levels
by the time of birth.
Gender, emotional wherewithal, and mentality
will have their signature in essence declared.
Although the mediumships of culture,
conditioning, ongoing circumstance,
will strongly pronounce
the forthcoming expressions of each human being.
The template of self will seek the revelation of spirit.
That journey, a lifetime in the making . . .
And so the uniqueness of the self
begins towards revelation
with the dumb-down onslaught of dualistic thinking
as this indoctrination process, innocently embraced.
Each being journeys to express their essence.
Here in lies the embrace of concepts,
culture, identity, self, as an experiment of discovery
and the trial of rituals.
This menu is initially available by circumstance.
Offerings of spirit, class, economic opportunity,
all play as primary means towards inward expression.
One’s life is an involuntary decode,
as to purpose, discovery of destiny, joy of being alive.
Each day is an impress of influence,
affect and amazement.
Self takes up a sense of cause
and an emotional presence.
Character and movement present daily options
as that self.
Thus the uniqueness of each being is set into motion.
The influence from before manifest
secretly comes into play.
Past lives, karma, drawnness, and vibrational destiny,
all dance through the life of each being,
conscious of it or otherwise.
Self-discovery at all of those levels becomes incremental,
as the decode of self for worth
and purpose vaguely appears.
Some are drawn more directly then others
to this as cause.
Circumstances that repeat, lessons learned by failure,
and aha experiences that alter that course,
they all have passage.
Each person as their own palate of colors
and mediums of manifest,
to express deeply from the heart.
And so, to be specific,
and then there was you.
And the eyes of you,
on your soul to see . . .

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