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Friday, December 30, 2016

understanding is the prison itself 12/30/16

in writing this,
know that I am pleading guilty,
every word is part of the ongoing written confession
as I continue to do so. 
I think and therefore, that, in and of itself,
is the motive behind this crime of writing.
I feel for and through this circumstance
is the burden carried on as my life sentence.
I live inside these containment walls of understanding
and I breath in and out, continuing to make sense
as it further confines me in doing so.
yet food for thought is relatively dismal meals
as dumb-down nourishment goes.
I have become a prisoner
as the outcome of syntactical determinism.
I wear the cuffs of dualistic thinking that bind me.
and they track me mindfully, by this method, everywhere.
well everywhere that my logical,
language-bound brain goes.
they are there with the end-point necessity of understanding, 
reinforced by the other prisoners, who are all ears.
they themselves similarly mind-bound
and kept by understanding incarceration.
we all march daily in linear thinking rounds.
eat the language base mind-food for survival.
most everyone is an unwilling but clueless snitch.
if you find yourself as not,
then you are, probably in solitary confinement,
perhaps self-imposed by necessity.
as you read this,
consider yourself safe from further prosecution
as long as you only understand what I am actually saying
and don’t go beyond cognition and comprehension,
then you are fine,
and no one else will ever know.
we are all this way, at some point in our lives.
but prison life is very full and taxing.
to break through or break out is complicated.
they have spies and cohorts, snoops and detectives
that live amongst but are also somewhat disguised.
they themselves are held as hostages too,
doing the diligent work of reporting and policing,
regulating and patrolling the in-prison sanity
necessary to abide in a linear thinking penitentiary world.
so do I have a plan of escape?
sure I do, but it includes everyone
who is individually on their own to do so.
yes, we would be working together but quite separately.
we only all escape as one.
we have to go outside of thinking as it is syntactically done
and we would have to go outside of language
as it is verbally spoken, and its account.
sort of telepathic without the use of words, per say,
a kind of common mind, both current and synchronous.
we all go there but don’t realize it
because we view from an experiential style
which puts us in audience, to that, every time it happens,
as experience always does, in this imprisonment style.
so read this and know, but don’t know.
sure, you read this, but you don’t get it,
and there is nothing for you to say to anyone about it.
we all work in secret and collaboration is on the sly.
remember dualistic thinking is your cover
and it works very well as protection all around.
since I already have, what they think as a life sentence,
I am risking nothing by writing until death do us part.
(they don’t know about that either!)
but know, go beyond know and know
beyond what I know,
for these words will not kill me to say
or stay my sentence,
but if you live beyond them,
this prison is your protection until
you break out, break free and dwell from beyond.
for this prison of understanding that we all live in
is as, a self-custodial style . . .
(where you are your own warden,
you are also the beyond of one . . .)

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