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Friday, December 2, 2016

the inquiry 12/2/16

Everything that is happening
in the manifested world,
by our method of experience,
is in fact,
from the nature of experiencing,
only a mirror reflecting
the how and the what of everything
that we know
and the depth of that mirror only corresponds 
to the length of our attention span.
Experience does not take us
to the essence of things
as much as it describes
and therefore indirectly reflects                      
the methodology used to experience
and the affirmation performed
by that methodology
that we claim
is somehow objective and substantive
to represent the physics
or actual functioning of the world.
These experiential conclusions we reach
are a kind of short sighted myopia
in which we take ourselves out of the pursuit
of actual participation with life
and make mental stands
that are constructions of our style of knowing 
that may not reflect any new knowledge  
but do represent our way of knowing
for what we know.
It’s a matter of saying
there is a difference
between a mental retention in a response
and our channeling via a response.
Even if we did have a deeper glimpse,
or a partial immersion,
our style of consciousness sends us
to a place in which we withdraw
and phenomenalize as the sensory experience 
in experiential terms
that are dissociative from a depth
and an immersion of whatever it was
that it was in its isness.
We presume that sensory as contextual
is an adequate representation of isness
when in fact, it is a kind of closure myopia
in which we extract
from the baggage we take with us
so that we come back to sensible reality
with either decals of the isness
or have sent postcards from the isness
that are clipped
and do not adequately capture
the immersion essence
in full dimensional perspective
an entrainment of us.

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