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Monday, August 29, 2016

Where truth lies 8/29/16

We can never know the truth.
The truth, in our mind, is a billboard.
The truth, in our life, is a hologram.
Language, at best in speaking the truth,
is nothing more than a swizzle stick
reporting the stir that comes to mind.
The only thing that we are getting
from the spoken truth is an agreement
towards a superficiality of trust as investment
and a showiness of intimacy as sensitivity.
If you are trusting in another person,
it is of your own volition in the making.
That you would create a contract of trust
is to imprison another person
on behalf of your expectations and view.
If you sincerely trust in another person
then you have taken up an empathetic
compassionate perspective,
and you are feeling and participating
from a sense of truth as oneness
is where truth lies.

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