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Friday, August 26, 2016

the enigma is consciousness 8/26/16

splash cold water on your brain
when you say these words to yourself
“all of time has no space
and all of space has no time.”
ouch! our commitment to leverage
from one to the other, provides for us,
to create a mountain of mentality
to travel within and around.
a mountain to be eventually distinguished
into complete and utter disintegration of matter and form.
experience then, is our stylistic imposition
of the foot-solders of habit marching mentally onward.
but then, imagine this;
if you get quantum, I mean immersively get quantum,
you don’t return with thoughts.
if you immerge into quantum, you don’t identity crisis exist.
for then, the fallback position of self-consciousness
is dissolved and our use of language is revealed
as only the web-work of the spider-mind,
feasting on objectification of the time-space creatures
of our three-dimensional creation.
in a different light, imagine that
we are, in actuality, the aura of the expressing sun,
but in the prejudice of time-space,
together with the seduction of our experience style,
and being, the butt of the joke, ourselves,
in the resolution of time,
the realization is slightly more than eight minutes later
and reduced to the phenomenal occurrence
in the experiential surround of familiarity’s plead,
as the tongue of the sun upon us.
earth itself can only tell us a first-person story of matter.
and this matter is only a half-truth in shelf-life demise.
everything experienced is only at the very best,
the sheet music for deeper multi-dimensional harmonies.
our understanding is only window shopping
through the wee windowpanes of wonderment.
our journey, it seems,
with our method of mental reductionism,
is to get to vibrational expansionism,
in no time at all.
knowing your brain is that vibrational key hole,
and your consciousness is that key
is only then, to realize
that this three dimensional residence is a turn-key operation.
opening that quantum door to nothing
is actually entering into everything
without the possibility or the need of evidence
or the prosthetic conversionsim of experience
or the fallback handrail of time.
here lies the enigma to truth-telling consciousness . . .

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