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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The concretization of tears 8/23/16

If you laugh and cry every day,
this is an emotional spectrum
worthy of pursuit and full presence.
The laugher fandangos,
pitch spires into gelatinous buoyancy,
to the brim where wrinkles and lungs rejoice. 
The brain has a welling, a swarm,
a release and a faintness of synaptic fragrance 
spread all around.
Whatever the stimulus,
the mind has embraced and moved on
as if it were a fabulous sunset
now with an afterglow.
The tears, that they come,
could have been from a laughter’s wince,
a meltdown of emotion released,
though not straightforwardly acknowledged. 
But the tears, as in most tears,
they come from outskirts, from remotes,
from burdens woven with exhaustion,
from damns of resistance,
from empathies of reach, from way-gone’s
that have a backdrop of deep memory,
issues overstocked with emotional subterfuge, 
and from simple illogical emotional innocence. 
Tears are not easy on the leave-take.
Tears maybe full blown and forthright
but that which may have caused them
may not nor ever be cleared, in principle.
That emotional script behind the release
as tears may be stalwart and linger,
may be in code,
say cried out but not broken,
may be tear-full knowledge
but not understood in rational terms.
Oh the tears may always be fluid
but the source place may be invincibly strong 
and belie all the chemistry of concrete
but presented in a disguised fluid state.
That journey of discovery requires deftness 
beyond rational, or artful deconstruction.
It may require an immersion,
an empathy with wide vision
and soul wisdom by presence.
How that comes to pass
is everyone’s life mystery
but not always observed, disclosed
or even discovered.
Tears as evidence of the concrete,
are generally in plain sight,
but not truly discerned
nor dissolved into the heartfelt
and their true spirit-source . . .

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