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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Consensus 8/27/16

Consensus is not some thing that can be bundled
as if like hay and then stacked
as if freeze-framed, waiting for delivery.
Consensus is not something
that a media can post either
as if with meaningful leverage,
say as if from hangings as is dramatized in movies
about the distant damned past.
Consensus does not thrive but eventually dies
in the land of conclusions,
as if like the fragrance from freshly baked pies
does over time.
Consensus is the living wonderment of movement
in commitment of people in these
their communing of thoughts,
presented by a hum of presence
more than just verbiage.
Consensus creates the friction
that sounds intention into action and movements.
Consensus is this constancy of a thought form meal,
being served where there are no crusts and no utensils,
just face feed and mind buzzing’s statements.
Consensus feasts on the next moment’s opportunity
yet there is no celebration
but there is the invisible strength of shared intention, 
moving sightless mountains out of the way.
Consensus is strength in numbers by cooperation expressed.
Consensus is one dance
realizing the rhythm of cause in action.
Consensus, ants know it, bees know it,
migrations do it,
and oceans express it constantly.
Finally, in the most intimate of palate means,
consensus finds wings, shares flight,
and honors towards the sky-fill of destiny
to breath in the oneness of it all in passage.

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