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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

the emotional elephant in the room 8/2/16

if your emotional elephants never ever forgets,
what do you want to do
with the initial dynamic elements of remembering?
do you want to perceive them as judgments, self imposed?
do you want to be currently at affect 
of these as historical outcomes?
do you want to set off alarms as in recoil,
hyper-vigilance, apprehensions running wild, 
surveillance of the keenness order, 
re-visitation as captive to the past version 
without recourse of any kind?
is this then to be a re-stimulation, 
bordering on the same affect as in the first version’s account?
what self of you now has a keenness discovered 
and a present self awareness that can profit 
from new perspectives as to what was valuable 
as in learning now? 
and what was this disaster, as in self-judgment delivered? 
and where from within, does insistence still want this 
to be unchanged and still so?
that the emotionally charged account is richly dynamic 
gives it a special quality of potential worth.
but an inability to leave the judgment 
or conclusive positions truly invalidates the effort 
of any process towards self-discovery in a deeper way, 
for the value of growth and transformation.
there is no burden to remembering 
but there is a stockade of self-verdicts if protection 
or apprehension are the internal conscious demand.
who you now have within your self-awareness 
to witness this process from the beginning, 
all the way to being full-blown, 
will either bless you with new insights and transition 
or curse you with reactivation of private fears 
that lucidly live within you 
but hardly ever otherwise surface to be dealt with.
that it is dynamic to recall and to thoroughly remember 
has true value in becoming a vaster being of consciousness 
on the inside but not without a resolute sense of self 
in this transition and a capacity to see oneself in a deeper light than reality generally has as its broadcast.
We all have had powerful experiences that without recall 
have limited benefit towards growth and yet 
we have the baggage of carrying it with us almost unknown until the re-stimulation awakens it all, in the first person, draped in conclusions 
as the view and judgments and the outcome.
it is richly rewarding to revisit 
with the deeper sense of self as discovery, 
not so much to change the original outcome, 
but to truly benefit from sourcing yourself 
in a deeper way this time, this way through it, 
so that the compression and the load are diminished 
and the sense of self has more carriage and light 
having come through it, 
more lifted into the now.
Go find the list of the heavies and prepare yourself 
to investigate in such a way that you bring who you are, 
as of now, to thoroughly go through that stimulus 
as situational and harvest a deeper understanding of self 
and how self functioned then as opposed to how, 
you of now, would have handled that situation of then.
You allow yourself to have a greater capacity to view 
and experience yourself and to use those dynamics 
to become more clear and conscious with who you are as of now and what you are more deeply about 
within the self-privacy of whatever it is that you do.
Your emotional elephant is essentially design to give you 
a wisdom to see clearly and thoroughly as a self 
that grows from your own process 
and then shares from a deeper place of clarity 
and self love going forward . . .

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