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Monday, August 15, 2016

real 8/15/16

real is rhetoric.
by the time real becomes evident,
it is already rhetoric, experiential rust!
the court system provides evidence for that
in almost every juried case.
we give account in reflection to the moment at hand.
our experience model annotates the past.
we survive by the gloss of our self story.
what we claim as real is topical,
possibly interpretive, maybe explanatory.
real was breath in action, blood pumping,
the initial impact of sensory input.
but by the time identification is secured,
we have rhetoric.
not that we view it as empty talk
but there then becomes the skill
of language to what we want to account for.
maybe oratory is in play as the numbing of the moment.
real then acquiesces into interpretation’s worth.
it’s real when I laugh but the content maybe illogical.
it’s real when I sneeze but I am left with aftermath.
experience is the viable culprit in all of this.
real happens, all of the time
but experience only poses with primaries and identifiables.
real has a vast of props and extras
but before they were ever hired for the job at hand.
living is the true worth before it becomes real.
when real happens,
we all become creatures with tails to tell.
some just wag, others become prehensiled
and live in the rhetorical forest
for the rest of their real lives . . .

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