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Friday, August 12, 2016

42nd contemplation of desire 8/12/16

Desire is a first responder
at our wedding to the pointlessness
of being in time.
Desire may be looking into the receptacles
of far memory
where vibratory shadows predate
the placidness of current opinion,
in the minds of each of us
where desire is not a stir
but just a hum.
For despite having ridden shotgun
with efforting style
or being companionable in a friendly style
or sleeping around in an unconscious style,
desire and mind have gone their separate ways
but together.
Even if you had gotten ahead in the world
with relative ease as a style
or featured loneliness as a get a head but isolated style, 
desire always has the capacity to go beyond style.
For desire is no stranger
to the diversified ambiences of life.
For we,
with all our preoccupations and fulfillment needs,
are a book of questions
as much as a bouquet of moods,
bound by our forms to our alibi.
Desire, like blood, will bring us along
beyond answers we live with
and moods we cast forward,
to suggest and express beyond that,
our deepest heartfelt,
soul filling needs . . .

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