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Sunday, August 7, 2016

41st contemplation of desire 8/7/16

Desire idly doodles in small whispers of sidebar focus. Adversarial reasoning is waiting in the wings.
Custodial cognizance may or may not be interested
in desire’s designs.
Cerebral quippings live for these moments
of introduction.
Desire may be discrete upon deliverence
yet inwardly guzzling with abuzz.
Although privately quelled,
desire is blushing a projection.
And that projection is glowing a reflection.
And that reflection is eventually soliciting a cognition
as recognition in the self-conscious,
is doing the awareness rounds.
Then fluid with consumption, is desire
giving into levels as we seeks them,
giving answers as we quest them,
just telling secrets to fill the otherwise open sky.
That could appear mundanely as the void?

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