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Thursday, August 25, 2016

phased but lucid 8/25/16

I stare out of my eyes
windows filled with blind observance
between reeds of breath
that brush against me in moments’ passing
lost from my reasons for this moment’s pertinence
am a reflection that only sees itself, seeing itself
without attachment to any next thought as savior
could grip myself as consciousness for assurance 
as if “who wants to know?”,
as if this urgency will save me
is any response more then just self-talk as utterance?
as a child, this worked fine, for then
why are you cogently yet inwardly hearing this, 
must have been there yourself
just inferring, we are all alone together in passage
in gondolas, floating along in our darkness under a bridge
time of day was left behind in the yelps of sanity
here is focus underwhelmed, in profound loiter
as a buttoned overcoat of oppressive self is sensed
no issues pressing just a muted blah blah blah
accepting that I am tongueless to blather back
yet with mood language of facials and posture
a crossover into a coma that doesn’t translate back
you would have had to have been there
to be here, for now
a trampoline sunk too deep in water to actually jump upon
post pillow fight exhaustion without a thought to rest
the grip of lucidity without an opposing thumb
feeling lighter than gravity would permit
a clarity, much like the work of a sheep dog herding
except that all of the sheep are invisibly divine
and the dog is a nameless shapeless god as my witness
phased but lucid,
here, in the pasture of my consciousness,
as now yours . . .

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