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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

emotionally proving your worth 8/10/16

imagine you are functioning with a hidden agenda
maybe not even evident to yourself
your emotions are in a lock down
vexed beyond awareness or escape
held prisoner in a traumatic time bind
with no recourse but to privately plead then pose
relief is only a ploy, stopgap measure at best
suppose you are always and ever
trying to prove to the world your emotional worth
the drive never ceases to be inwardly present
and the mind, so unadmittedly, takes up the cause
hence a method of guardianship is pronounced
the frame of perspective assumes the need for protection
methods are cultivated for social discourse’s exchange
the projection seems to satisfy the emotional needs
but the whole process is problematic and troublesome
for it can never address itself honestly in measure or means
in essence there is a seething unquenchable need
and so all of the life strategies are posited in that regard
the override of action and animation give cover
the entrapment appears to have no relief or edges
how can you question what stands for your worth?
the preoccupation mentally has no clear answers for that
but proceeds without question to defend and account
envision who of you, could come to ask, the rest of you
honestly, energetically, what is this need for protection
there is nothing hypothetical about this circumstance
yet, for those self-perplexed, there is no point of entry
how to witness this internal process
of emotionally proving your worth then deconstruct
to source oneself in a deeper way as then new means
the shill of worth is that it is a confidence game
but played upon oneself as if publically rewarded
yet proving to be worth to the world, emotionally speaking,  
is an unneeded and unwanted diversion and distraction . . .

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