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Friday, August 19, 2016

Experience is a metaphorical now 8/19/16

Imagine you are about to take the travel experience of your life. You’ve heard about it a thousand times over from practically everyone but not really been there for yourself in the first person. Everyone has given you tips, hints, ideas, their favorites, the most and the must have to’s, the where’s and how’s of every step of the way. It’s a journey but well worth it by everyone’s account. And so you prepare. You have the clothes, the list, the camera and recorder. The smart phone is not enough for the documentation needed on this trip. In your mind, this is going to be a responsible and defensible production. When you get back home, you will be able to present, affirm, clarify, elucidate, embellish, and story every inquiry, by comparison, taste, and smell, when others’ opinions are presented to you in those future conversations. You may even pick up some new terms, some accent for local flavor, some new discovery to outdo everything you have previously heard and anecdotally then some. And so, with much fanfare, you embark on the next moment, moment after moment. In your mind, you have the camera on, with the recorder running. You are aware of the fully developed list of have-tos as well as spot-ons to anything that can be brought into frame that no one has previously mentioned for eventual bonus points for when you get home and elaborately expand by your account in duplication of what you have previously heard but with flavor and flair and possibly new insights within your version of story to update what others of your friends had previously experienced and told you about for themselves. This entire journey is profoundly interpreted by you for as best as documentation that can be done. By the time you return from this journey, you are well prepared to enroll, animate, and comprehensively account for everything that can be brought to mind in any of those inquiring mind conversations that will happen and with great frequency, at least for a while. Well guess what? All those peoples’ versions, and all their stories to preempt you were already in your head to start with. And that big journey was just waking up to another day in your ongoing life. All the prepping has been assembled over years of prescribed reality training, personal indoctrination, personified meaningfulness, social conditioning, and that big adventure of life; that expedition of momentous importance, is your personal and very private journey into the now. And everything that you can extract from the Now, is all a metaphorical experience of Now. Not the now that is there that you actually live in but the Now that you travel through equipped with experience as your journey guide. Experience, by our methods, allows for us to go there as a visitor and harvest an account and further extractions that symbolically represent what it was like for us to visit but we are really not fully prepared to live there, live in the Now, on an ongoing basis. And so we come home to an experience, defended by memories, and story which we enroll others into and likewise theirs into ours. And experience, yours and mine, with all the sensory and cognitive baggage we have to take with us, is really just another superficial metaphorical account of travelers, as visitors into the Now . . .

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