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Thursday, August 4, 2016

the superficiality of challenge 8/4/16

to give something in the cross hairs, the frame of challenge,
is to falsify, under the righteous banner of declared effort,
to foster a freeze frame in mind into a future goal,
to politicize the worth of results over the process unfolding.
challenge is for those who down play the present,
whose concept of think-big, features future-ization.
results live in the mind-field of premeditated conclusions.
worth, frozen in time and mind, is a death sentence.
if value is not an attractor but more of ascertainment
then soon all garages will be laden with worth-less.
to discover that it was never the object, or the act,
but always the receptivity to the present that mattered
then challenge persists as the result of seething boredom.
it, as an act of oversight, made precious by reclamation.
challenge is asserted in a room full of listless and dismal.      
challenge is a crusade commitment to the idolatry of cause.
challenge is depended upon reward for efforts’ spent
and that trophy-room of rewards is a custodian’s life
and a storyteller’s dream for a pseudo meaningful existence.
Mt Everest, let’s plan to go there and talk about it after.
let’s trophy-hunt as our bucket list of a challenge bonanza.
if the choice is challenge over comfort-zone
then both are profound distractions from a sense of being.
maybe choice itself is suspect, as a rues of perceptual style.
if challenge exists as a prominence of the mindset
then self-intimacy, as with the imminence of the moment,
the interface with life’s environment, is ruled by control.
for challenge is that language of control,
disguised but still expressing as itself in the mode . . .

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