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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our consciousness is milling 8/16/16

Only consciousness is observational. 
And our observational style is ordained upon methods 
of viewing and cognition in which nothing really exists 
in that self-conscious way. 
Everything is deeply related and interactional with 
everything else and immediately so. 
Yet we go about with conclusions of depiction 
that are not extensively inclusive 
towards an understanding of the deeper 
and massive implications of how all things are 
energetically relating 
as much as we are satisfied with a definitional sense 
that meets our cognition standards of naming and defining 
but do not truly implicate or immerse 
in the extensive nature of how all things 
truly interactional function ongoing. 
We live confined by our attention span 
and the functional limitations of our thinking procedures 
and methods which we then impose on what we observe 
as meeting whatever that is in its nature, 
that we relate to as a functionally dynamic environment 
and that is not at all in the deepest sense true. 
We never left the arm chair 
of our convenient and familiar viewing styles 
and then make assumptions of comprehension 
that basically only are reflections of our mind styles 
for observing that do not necessarily provide 
for in depth participation in what we have identified 
or that we claim it be by our observational methods. 
We have failed to master, 
in the first order, the self-sense; 
in the way we are all part of that interactional environment 
and actively functioning in it. 
That we have a sense to be self-conscious about it, 
falsely precludes a distance from that world 
but only as a separation from within ourselves 
in doing what we do and calling that observational 
and defining the world by that means. 
This automatically has a built in failure trait 
because it finds a means of acknowledgment 
in which we are not fluid with that world 
that we so claim separate status from. 
For there is no objectivity, 
in the true sense of all mass being interactive 
at the very subtle levels, 
which have become and are ongoing 
beyond our sensory range to claim or define 
or consciously participate. 
We are thought-form solipsistic unto ourselves 
for not having delved more directly 
into how we have a consciousness 
and instead have it filled with almost a religion 
of self-consciousness to the point 
that an overlay of superficiality is intended 
as complete and unified distraction 
from a deeper sentience with all of matter in a primary way. And we persist with this premise 
as our means of furthering our deeper understanding 
of everything from the standpoint of name and function 
but not from the process of alignment and integration 
with and from within. 
We seem to lack the brain styles 
to be simpatico or vibrational empathy 
as a living forward 
and uniformly agree to what and all we agree to 
without further examination of our methods 
of brain development and refinement of consciousness 
in doing so. 
We seem to lack the think skills that places us in alignment 
and yet produce thoughts in a conclusion status 
that give us descriptions as suppositions 
and distance in doing so in this manner. 
Below the surface of all of this, 
placebo functions, healers succeed, prayer gets results, individual people communicate with other species, 
plants experience our feelings, 
water knows more than we do, 
and the quantum of life 
generally remains outside our range of awareness directly. 
So much for the relative value of our consciousness 
milling around in the relative land where at best, 
all we do is agree to agree amongst ourselves 
as an entitled species unto itself 
and thereby its own imprisonment undisclosed . . .

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