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Thursday, July 7, 2016

the syntax of human relevance 7/7/16

The syntax is broken, broken down or broken through.
Maybe it was called unspoken rules, never said out loud.
Maybe it was only assumptions learned as life-progress,
a consensus displayed behaviorally but only as exhibition,
traits passed on from generation to generation unwittingly.
But now the regress is evident as if by suspect outbursts.
Topics seem outrageous, almost loony but reality portrayed.
Yet the act-outs need to be decoded for their true source.
What is claimed as issues is just a means of ventilation,
diversion justifying behaviors with deeper hidden origins,
people with mind-fills that defy common sense clarity.
Makes one wonder what minds store, hidden for decades.
So for now, it all looks like loony topics, exposed loudly.
Go figure, is not about the topic itself as media presented.
But the seeding of the source is in the privacy of personage.
To see that it’s not content but the means of trauma stored
that a person thinks-feels that way and has blindly forever,
to now surface as newsworthy, although not clearly defined 
but as attempts at derisive sidedness rather then deeper insight 
yet vying for my attention as means of commercial gain. 
When is catharsis revelation at its soulful best means?
Disaster is the eminent religion of syntax’s deeper hidden agenda. 
The outcry of people is the name of these disasters.
Our methods of lying and outcry are becoming exposed.
The syntax of human relevance will be formally questioned.
Go talk to yourself where the rest of the world is listening.
See if you hear where we are a species, out of alignment.
The syntax of human relevance is broken, broken down and also broken open . . .

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