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Friday, July 1, 2016

mentoring 7/1/16

mentoring, two schools but one teacher: 
one as the representation of a teacher to provide learning 
as if from a significant other 
and one as self mentoring 
in the first person sense, self addressed. 
actually, that is the eventual teacher, 
self, that is. 
even if you wanted to create a sense of learning from another, reception of that input and interpretation of the information, however modeled by another person, 
is still self, aware and applying. 
mentoring expresses it openness to accommodate 
both self dialogue and self observation 
as well as input from another, received 
and then interpreted to be beneficial to oneself. 
However you want to be in reception, 
it still comes down to application within and through oneself, thus self-mentoring in the end. 
Not to discount the benefits provided by another person, 
either by observation or direct input 
but unless the self of oneself is participating 
and absorbing by conversation or self-dialogue, 
little benefit is mastered or achieved. 

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