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Thursday, July 14, 2016

knowing’s fate 7/14/16

life based on knowing . . .
is eternal tickets to an audience life.
everything known lives a variable shelf life.
just how deep are those closets, cabinets,
storage units, storerooms, cubbyholes, attics, 
pantries, cupboards, warehouses,
that are all of the metaphorical mind?
retentive mind lobbies for all of this
on a daily basis.
linear mind assumes this referential as context,
sophistication is one’s technique to do so.
such is the extroversion of a rational mind.
how does one become witness to all of this? 
(as if critical mind is the observer attending?)
a linear mind’s style requires what’s next.
our senses run the Iditarod of phenomenon. 
informational acuity is but blessings to occur.
qualify and quantify are terms of engagement. 
knowing accepts inquiry’s bait as household,
regards being as just a servant to that cause. 
meaningful assumes itself to be of the blood
as consciousness is to be the force of the living.
such is knowing’s fate,
to be in audience as grand, but no,
not ever to really come face to face
with destiny’s now,
always deftly approaching . . .

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