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Sunday, July 10, 2016

objectified love 7/10/16

once anything is objectified by love
it is imprisoned in its isolation as adoringly separate
love stated that way is a cast of viewership
it is a buoyancy of attention but driven by a ruddership
of self-remoteness and the unspoken loneliness
therefore “I love you” carries with it hidden assumptions
professed as worth but promoting unsaid exclusion
if I love you is an expression of my separateness from you
then the message of love is falsified by intent and demeanor
I am not being the love when I objectify and call it love
actually I reinforce the barrier resisting true connectivity
love in essence does not use language to convey
but only to express as if in its distance and dismay
“I love you” expresses as a riddle unresolved
where we are that love has no bearing on how we hold it
a mind grasp may say it but that further denies its essence
we are all one of that love,
undifferentiated by consciousness
that I say it in words reinforces the unspoken separateness
if I am acting to be in love then I deny my awareness of it
for I am speaking from my sense of isolation in a clamor
love has no gifting as its means or presentation dependency
it exudes, is radiant as a presence, inclusive without claim
objectification displaces oneself from source and medium
it parades as eventful, what exists as ongoing from within
objectified love is a contraband of emotional output
harnessed into event and display but not natural as a means
love leads as being expresses it by presence
it is not a currency of exchange
love is not captains of their ships exchanging compliments
but more so, inwardly honoring the sacredness as aware
of the one ocean they mutually travel upon
sure love is happening but more through you
and not so much the measure to you
only an experience junkie would want to indulge oneself
in love as separate for themself from others . . .

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