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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

document, the verb 7/19/16

I document the waterfall only when, as mist rising
I note what is said as hum-mummary of small eddies rising
I peer out at visuals, like water colors surface-blending
breath is the metronome occasionally aware in a drive by
I leave the chemistry of my life in my hair growing out
I trace each footstep taken with an absence of attention
bother me with dialogue, as if memorized as rain
sensory input is as if varieties of soups to be slurped
there is the glut of environment as if conveyor belt passage
even consciousness is a train station of gutturals in passing
so, document . . . yes, the verb no less!
retentive mind, is it in need of somewhat constant exercise?
do I have no story, without identifieds and remembrances?
why play this poker game of awareness
without chips in passage and the grip of meaningful cards?
so, document, who needs this action of evidence
to be in the now?

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