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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

37th contemplation of desire 7/5/16

When we are breathlessly embraced
by the brain-fill of life as the constancy of topic,
desire may be giving hidden subsidy
to any of our intentions.
When we are the maximum of cause as individuals, 
singular of intention and attention,
desire may be artfully riding those waves with focus
and a compass for the heart of the matter at hand.
Desire presents beyond circumstance and assumption. 
We are always one of our dreams in dreaming it.
Desire may pronounce, enhance, and imbibe it
by giving and gaining perspective,
bring frame to any beginnings as a doer
and giving sight to every deed.
Desire may take presence of every noun
and convert it into the alchemy of verbs.
Desire maybe without reserve,
pronouncing with assurance,
the possibility into the breath of life
that every spirit needs.

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